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1. Manual

This is the basic way of opearting a blinds in which cords are pulled by hands to open and close the blinds. This is the cheapest operating system and maintenance free. It is the most commonly used operating system and fits for any blinds.

2. Remote

In this system the blinds are powered with the electric remote operated motor. This system gives you freedom to operate blinds from any corner of your house without touching or coming near to the blinds. This system is very easy every for childrens to operate. And you can operate multiple blinds with the single remote upto 15 blinds.

3. Home and Office Automation

Taking one step ahead we talk about home and office automation. In this system the blinds are powered with electric readio frequency motor but instead of remote they are connected through home automation touch panel where you can control all your electric applicances by a single device. This helps you saving money by using different remote for different appliances as well as makes it very easy for you to control all your electric devices from one place.

4. Manual Switch

In this system the blnds are powerd with electric motor and a wired switch is used to open and close your blinds. This system helps you to operate heavy blinds and those blinds where your hands cant reach. They are very usefull for large and heavy blinds which you find difficult to operate manually.